In Business, Money is a Precious Commodity

Not only for your profits but even for your working capital

Needless to say, funding for payroll or even your very own Research and Development department

If you aren’t growing what you offer your clientele, your company is prone to steadily shrink. It may so even now! A Research and Development program is an essential component for your company for more than you presently might think.

Not only can it help you remain on the cutting edge of innovations in your industry and marketplace, but it also can show you where the improvements in your services, products or operations may lay. An even better reason, beyond those great example of why you need a R & D department is that you can save on your overall corporate taxes without too much trouble or maneuvering on your company’s part.

It doesn’t matter if you deal directly with the public or you are a wholesale manufacturer, if you are a large conglomerate or a smaller one-location establishment, you and your business can benefit from what we have for you below.


Your Corporation and Your Tax Exposure


Each company knows corporate taxes are an inevitable part of doing business in America. A whole industry is in existence (hello to the CPA’s) for this very instance. Your efforts to develop new products, processes, procedures and intellectual property is not only the life blood of your company but can also play a huge part and a saving grace when it comes to taxes and the IRS.

Generally speaking, there is the taxes you have to pay, and others that can be lessened according to how your business is doing. As you are looking to innovate and push forward as a market leader in your area of expertise, there are actions you can take to make what you keep each year a bit more in the ‘black’.

We have been able to perfect this tax balancing act for many companies in many industries – in the professional arena and in the trades (and more) – and help them move into an era in their business that encourages gains and growth through taking the right action.

Intrigued? Well, Here’s More…

A company can save on their taxes in a myriad of ways. The best way we have found to do this, is to earn that tax savings. By playing by the rules and regulations set in the tax code for corporations like yours to utilize properly. It is a wise CPA that can structure your financial balance to your benefit.


An in-depth study is done of your business to identify what can be included for the Credit. How a business can qualify depends on the criteria that is set in the tax code. How your departments function, no matter the size can be the determining factor on how well you can adjust & report for the R & D tax relief. Inefficiencies of tracking can cost 1000’s of dollars yearly. If you are spending money in the pursuit of innovation & improvement of any facet of your business you are on a great footing to grasp ahold of the savings available & given to you by none other than the IRS.

Why Should You Seek the Tax Credit?

Having the funds for the health of your business, no matter what type of industry you are in, is a good thing. And having more to work with each year is a GREAT thing for your company’s vitality in the marketplace. With the fluctuation of today’s economy, we definitely need the help where we can get it!

Your financial well-being is what we are looking to work with alongside your corporation to improving year in and year out. How we are able to structure your Tax Relief components in light of what the IRS wants to bestow is how we love to work. You can properly plan your budgets and be able to forecast earnings more succinctly, report in each department more accurately, and create market share more precisely. We have found that monetary edge you have been looking for and are now moments away from gaining – the way to move forward with confidence in the positive WITHOUT being hindered by the erroneous negative: YOU Deserve This Tax Credit!

Our Process – Book Your Consult

Set a time when you can speak with Blue Vessel about how your company’s situation can qualify for the Tax Credit process. We are available for you via phone or a zoom call to find out what can be done.

With your correct documentation we can get those unrealized relief dollars back into your pockets, and keep them there for years to come.

Check the Credit Qualifications

In the consultation we discuss with you and your team in depth the first qualifiers that need to be met to be able to gain the tax relief.

If your company does meet the criteria, you can also seek up to three years previous (of your fiscal tax seasons) for that additional relief funds hereto unrealized.

Connect with Our Certified Public Accountants

Schedule the corporate study performed by our CPA team that will will seek thoroughly for all the items that can be connected with the Tax Credit forms.

Further documentation may be asked for to clarify and to accurately gain for you the return on the taxes you didn’t have to pay. We are looking forward to assisting you in this process!

What Companies or Industries qualify?













If by chance you didn’t see yours, still connect with us, there may be something that our CPA’s can see that brings your business the Tax Credit…

Contact us to check if your company in other type of categories qualify

This Is What Others Are Saying

Just with our normal operations, of getting our processes down to make our products we have qualified for this using your extensive training for this IRS credit.

Amir A. - Hoboken NJ, Manufacturer

As we strive to get better, and train our techs, we have been able to receive a break on the yearly taxes we had to pay each tax season. It was fantastic to find you when we did, we were able to put back into our improvement procedures what we got back. I am so glad I connected with Blue Vessel to take care of that headache.

Lisa K. - Smyrna, GA, Services Oriented CEO

We have been hit by increases across the board, for doing business where we are. This refund of the taxes we have already paid for the last three years was a god-send! I think this was an amazing idea and will continue with you to use this very important tool to keep my doors open.

Quinn Z. - Huntington Beach, CA, Business Owner

My boss set me to the getting our costs down, as everything seems so expensive now. I connected with Blue Vessel and they showed us how we could get an infuse of cash from previous years’ taxes AND being able to do it over and over again each time we have to pay our taxes. I am now the dentist’s favorite at the office!

Jesse T. - Salt Lake City, UT, Office Manager Dental Office

We run several locations with many service people at each one, and we needed to find a way we could gain some extra capital. We got with Blue Vessel’s CPA’s and they showed us how we could do that. Now we have a program to enhance what we can utilize for the Tax Credit each time we need to pay the taxes.

Xiung He - Dallas, TX, Director of Sales

Begin & Rediscover the Funds of Unnecessary Taxes

Start today through the Qualifying Criteria & Match What’s Possible for the R & D Credit:

  • Schedule your call with Blue Vessel to look at the preliminary qualifications needed for access –

  • Gain the insights needed so you can connect with our trained CPA experts

  • Meet with the CPA’s for your business study to identify all aspects of what can be within the Credit info

  • Fill out the specific IRS forms that included the info recovered for the Tax Credit submittal

  • No Change is Needed for your present Tax Accounting personnel

  • Get the specifics of all that is needed with your Consultation with Blue Vessel

Begin by filling out the form fields to the right with the starting information and one of our representatives will call you, get you the specifics and detail what is next for gaining the Tax Credit.