The Blue Vessel Advantage

You excel in what you make, Blue Vessel exceeds in wholesale credit card processing rates and getting you the needed merchant account equipment – Together we can expand and increase your profits and market share.

We have what you are looking for when it comes to credit care processing for your company.

  • On-location: we have it covered for you with Point of Sale Systems that easily integrate into your data storage and banking connections.
  • On-site mobility: you can get a console that can be utilized anywhere you put up your sign, trade show, on the road – anywhere with a signal.
  • Online presence: for e-commerce efforts on your website with plugin integrations that can process in real-time for the products or services you offer.
  • Virtually: we have an app that you can use simply on your phone to be able to gain the business wherever you may find the business.

Let us gain for you the capabilities for taking credit card payments in any business climate!


-- Retail Stores -- Food & Beverage -- Health & Beauty -- Grocery Stores --

Processing Engine

Getting you the credit card processing systems that you need to be versatile in dealing with your buying public where ever they may be and what form of payment they are using to do business with you.


-- Leisure & Entertainment -- Hospitality -- Web Solutions -- Lifestyle Shops --

Merchant Acct. Procedures

Continual up-time, real-time processing anywhere you can get the signal is what is meant by being accessible to those companies who may have locations beyond Brick and Mortar.


-- Professional Services -- Nonprofit Organizations -- Business to Business --

Growing Profits Accommodations

As your business continues to grow and expand, Blue Vessel’s advantage is that we are there for you at each stage of your company’s market share acquisition over the course of time and life of your business.

Reliably Close More Sales & Increase Sales Revenues

Our Low Rates Guarantee

Our premier rates, along with the optimal equipment pricing structure shows the high-level of our commitment to keeping our clients happy. Adding to those our highest quality of customer care give those we do business with the best value in credit card processing services. We guarantee to match or beat any competing rate and price as long as the offer is for the same products and terms of our original offer.

Freedom from Long Contract Terms

Unlike other credit card processors, Blue Vessel doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract. We want to earn your business at every touchpoint we have with your company. Our amazing customer loyalty that our clients have is a direct result of the world-class products and services we offer. With Blue Vessel, you can cancel at any time. No long contracts. No cancellation fees. No early termination fees. Period.

The Processor That Does It Right

Are you currently leasing your merchant account equipment? Processors that lease their equipment expose their customers to higher costs, unexpected terms, hidden liabilities, and risk. We don’t lease our equipment. At Blue Vessel, you’ll get no run-around, just true, straight-forward business.

Empowering Your Business

Blue Vessel is your resource when it comes to merchant accounts and credit card processing. In addition, we are also connected to the various components that are needed by businesses for success! Take a look at the following resources at-the-ready:

Blue Vessel Solutions

We here at Blue Vessel sell and support dozens of terminals, services, and programs. Because we are a broker provider to many processors we also have the varied pricing plans available to each merchant.

Blue Vessel has been helping Start-Ups, Small Businesses & Seasoned Companies build solution-based merchant account processing systems across many verticals since 1999. You will find for your company that our real-world experience credit card sales acquisition will assist you in meeting the growth and expansion you want and help you and your team decide if we are the right fit to meet your needs.


From the usual suspects: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX with EMV chipped technology. No extra hoops to jump through, and PCI Compliant.

Now is the Moment to Call In Blue Vessel to Start Working with You!

This is what you get when you come on board with us:

  • Direct to the network wholesaler.
  • With low overhead.
  • Can provide personal service with a consultative approach.
  • Help you evaluate your statement with a straightforward price comparison.
  • No Junk Fees.
  • Annual audits to verify the best rate and plan after the account is set up.
  • Full acquiring on AMEX, lower rates like other credit cards and one statement.
  • Next day funding.
  • Understands how to use the credit card network rules in YOUR favor and will train you on best practices.

Blue Vessel Can Help You with Just About Everything!

You name it, we have it:

  • 24/7/365 world-class support.
  • Interchange plus pricing.
  • International solutions.
  • High Risk, High Approvals.
  • State of the art POS systems.
  • PCI / EMV Compliance.
  • Monthly Newsletter.
  • Level 3 B2B process.
  • Many processor options to choose from.
  • Never increase rates.
  • 97% retention rate.
  • No contracts.
  • Set you up on the right system for brick and mortar, e-commerce, website, portal, etc.

Our Commitment to You

In today’s world, we build relationships with individuals, on their terms. To make lasting consumer relationships, we take action and provide them with a positive and memorable experience. Most importantly, we start you out on the best processing terms, with the highest standards for our merchant equipment. We believe your revenue generating efforts should be as smooth as possible each and every time you swipe, key or place a transaction within our systems. We hold ourselves accountable to drive better business results for our clientele and we dedicate ourselves to you, towards that end.

Equipment Support

We want to hear about the equipment you are using while processing with Blue Vessel. Even the highest quality equipment can have a problem every so often. We are here to assist you so you experience very little downtime if any.

Our Blue Vessel Agents

We have and value greatly the reputation of trust we’ve developed through constant contact and communication with you, our clientele. Our Sales Associates are ready to help you. There’s one waiting for your call right now. 

Customer Service

Satisfaction with what we provide to you after the sale is just as important to us as it was before we started doing business. Get connected to our customer service reps and gain the answers you are looking to have. We value you as our satisfied clients.

Your Blue Vessel Solutions Team!

Details and communication of what you can expect, what you need, and the answers you are looking for us to get to you is what we seek to provide you. Schedule with us a time for a more in-depth discussion on your situation with credit card processing.

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