Marketing in Our New Era

Every company needs to have the right marketing strategies working for them. These methods and tactics need to harness the latest innovations to not lag behind their competition and to remain relevant in the marketplace. With the recent unfolding of AI’s computing power, anything else cannot hope to keep up. Integrating Chat GPT’s AI with sound Marketing principles is what we have done – for you!

It doesn’t matter how large, how legacy, or how well-niched you may be if you aren’t properly positioned the customers and revenue are not realized. Blue Vessel can make reality plentiful and profitable for your company. With the correct Web Design of your site, Videos you place, the SEO, Social Media, and Pay Per Click with the addition of AI’s Engine, what you put out in your marketplace your business will capture the profits and goals you have set. Find out more about how we connect you to your target audience.

Marketing Strategies for Your Company

Your Business Constantly Needs

Web Design/Dev

Anchor your online presence with the web site that can represent the business that you do to serve your chosen audience.

Navigation & Calls to Action

Gain the right expertise of those who have done and had success with dozens of client websites that accomplish the goals and objectives set by the company.


Videos are dominating the marketing landscape in conveying the messages and solutions set forth by a business

Video Integration

Pictures are worth 1000 words, and video is worth tens of thousands of dollars. Done right, you can create positive momentum for your company to harness.

Search Engine Optimization

Just being on the Web doesn't mean people will find and adopt what you are bringing to the marketplace. Search is essential

Timely Tactics with the Algorithm

Be where everyone is going to find the answers to the questions, and queries they are looking for. Being in line with the Algorithms of each engine is vital to profitability,

Social Media Platforms

Where clientele are spending their time, for their business, or on their leisure time is where your products and services need to be.

Effective Presence Captures

You not only have to have what your audience wants, but you have to be in the places that they can find you. In today’s business climate that is on the leading Social platforms.

Pay Per Click

Utilizing networks that are being frequented by the audience your company wants to target and needs as customers.

Bringing Targeted Traffic to You

Instead of waiting for those who you are targeting to come around and find your site’s pages, you can move everything forward by going out to them in a concerted way.

Web Hosting

You need to have a reliable source to keep your site functioning the way you want so you can do business the way you want.

Amazing Site Features

Getting the server space, functionality and support is crucial to keep your business humming optimally. We have the solutions that you will need to be a success.

Web Design & Development

eCommerce Strategies

Video Marketing Tactics

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Platforms

In modern-day Marketing, the bulk of the customers your company wants to connect with, are in one way or fashion spending time on their chosen platforms. It is key to identify succinctly who they are and where they can be found online. Your presence on those ID’d social mediums, then, is what they are going to receive their first impression and the ongoing Top-of-the-Mind Awareness you need to be placing in front of them.

We excel in not only knowing where those you want to do business with are, but how to best connect with them to bring in that profitable momentum you seek. Start today, and get going being where your customers want to see your company.

Pay Per Click – Google Adwords

  • Pre-Ad Research – Know the keywords and phrases being searched for. Volume and niche are key.
  • Target Audience Profile – Know who you want to go after and how they are approached.
  • Ad Creation – Creating with the Client Profile in mind the ad that will be seen.
  • Lead System Funnel – The tools to be able to capture the interest garnered with the Ads
  • Metrics and Measurements – Being able to know how to pivot, ramp up and refresh.
  • Professionals Who Know – A team that knows from experience how to work it all

Web Hosting

SSL Certificates, WordPress Theme Support and More!

Reliable Access

Your website is only as good as it can be accessed. The Web Host’s capacity for traffic, for processing, and for up-time is what you need.


You want to be able to have all the features and support for your website’s functionality without getting pilfered for it.

Secure Files and Databases

Your Hosting Service is what can keep you from experiencing breaches and hacks. We have your back, that is guaranteed!

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