One of the Only True “Wholesale” or Direct to Credit Card Network Processors in the United States

Find Out What That Means to You and Your Company


wholesale-rates-2The Wholesale Difference happens for you when you stop working with the Credit Card Payment Processing middlemen and move directly to the processing network that has low overhead and passes along the Savings Per Transaction to you.

We at Blue Vessel have what your organization must have to get you the monthly savings that are being missed out on. Let us take a look at what you currently are receiving as a rate and we are positive that we can get your per transaction rate lower than what it is presently.

End the Credit Card Headaches that Get in the Way of Making a Profit!

Blue Vessel is the Wholesale Direct Company You Need to Connect to Today!

So much that you can be saving, it seems like an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be when you find the company that can:

  • Has the hardware needed to support your sales.
  • Interface with current Point of Sale programs you are currently using.
  • Do e-Commerce set up if that is what’s needed
  • Do remote transactions over the phone.
  • Do ACH transactions where you have credit cards on file that need to be charged each month on a subscription basis.


From the usual suspects: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX with EMV chipped technology. No extra hoops to jump through, and PCI Compliant.

Now is the Moment to Call In Blue Vessel to Start Working with You!

This is what you get when you come on board with us:

  • Direct to the network wholesaler.
  • With low overhead.
  • Can provide personal service with a consultative approach.
  • Help you evaluate your statement with a straightforward price comparison.
  • No Junk Fees.
  • Annual audits to verify the best rate and plan after the account is set up.
  • Full acquiring on AMEX, lower rates like other credit cards and one statement.
  • Next day funding.
  • Understands how to use the credit card network rules in YOUR favor and will train you on best practices.

Blue Vessel Can Help You with Just About Everything!

You name it, we have it:

  • 24/7/365 world-class support.
  • Interchange plus pricing.
  • International solutions.
  • High Risk, High Approvals.
  • State of the art POS systems.
  • PCI / EMV Compliance.
  • Monthly Newsletter.
  • Level 3 B2B process.
  • Many processor options to choose from.
  • Never increase rates.
  • 97% retention rate.
  • No contracts.
  • Set you up on the right system for brick and mortar, e-commerce, website, portal, etc.

Compatible with the following payment methods

How You Start

You No Longer Have to Worry About Paying Higher Fees & Save a Ton of $$$

Imagine if you could continue taking credit and debit cards and GAIN MORE PROFITS when you switch to your wholesale rate. What if you could increase your profitability… Would you be interested?