What Serves as the Backbone of Your Corporation

When you are in business, at times it becomes prudent to pivot to new solutions to get to the next level of growth, to scale higher, gain greater market share and realize profits.

It’s time to end running the business with 2 or 3 (or more) different software packages that aren’t compatible with each other let alone match exactly what you company needs them to perform and do.

It’s definitely the time to gain for your company the Full Software Solution that can serve as the backbone and the life-blood for the vitality and long-term profitability of your operations, staff, sales and reporting.

The Blue Vessel Software Suite is now available with all the features from that singular business software you have always dreamed of, now is at an affordable cost. Find out how we can achieve the benefits for what your business is needing now that can scale with you as you continue to grow.

A Corporate Software Suite that Does EXACTLY What You Need

The solutions found at Blue Vessel are designed for your company’s daily operations and doing so with the highest efficiency and best customer service possible.

Customized, Personalized, ‘Automatized’

Gain the capacity and the capabilities necessary to service your customer base in real-time, with up to date technologies, software and equipment.

In our following conversations we can get down to the minutiae and details on what exactly do you need your Software Suite to do. We can parse with your team the functionalities and processes of which you can smoothly and optimally operate your business, with the data and information you are gathering as you increase your market share. This is a complete customization, personalized for your corporation, and automated as much as it is possible to do so.

Don’t quite have the tech that makes doing business as smooth and challenge free as it could be?

Is the Software Package, you are currently using now, not the right fit or missing essential components that your business needs in your line of work? For your financial or daily operations? Doesn’t have that ‘extra’ you were looking to get?

We have the Software Suite and the programming prowess that has the capabilities for which you are looking. The functionalities unique to your industry your line of work, or nature of your business.

Connect with us to get the specifics on what you need and what the customization process entails. The steps that are necessary need to be taken to best serve you as you company looks to do more with it’s target audiences. How you begin, track, guide, sell and report those activities can have direct influence on your future actions and planning. This can be all be done with your very own Blue Vessel Software Suite!

Here are just a few points of what our team’s suite of operational coding has for your company:

  • CRM – Comprehensive Client Info in a database that can keep track of several multiples of data, per account, event scheduling, reminders, sequencing of connections and allowing seamless insights into what has been inputted.
  • Mobile Access – On site real-time access for those companies who have out-of-office operations with their crew or their customers. Wherever you can get a cell signal, your operational software can follow.
  • Reporting and Oversight – Tap into the numbers, the sales, the buying cycle, the averages, percentages of individual aspects of the business or in the greater whole for top level reporting and overall business well-being check.
  • Employee Statistics – Multiple access permissions can be given to those within your organization; whether in one location or all over the nation which taps into the Customer Relations Management of the Suite and allows admins to take a deep look at the data being gathered.
  • Scalability and Duplication Administration – This software is specifically designed to scale with your business as it grows in volume, locations, personnel, or in franchise situations, is duplicateble for those who connect with your establishment.

These are only a small sample of the capabilities and functionalities that can be had with the Blue Vessel Software Suite. When you talk with our Blue Vessel Representative, you can discuss the functionalities that your business is looking to gain proficiency in.

Find Out How – You can benefit with a demo and a Blue Vessel Software Suite tailored exactly for your company’s specific operations. It is the “Backbone” that ever business needs, and one that is an exact fit for what the business does!

Efficiency & Profitability

Start today being more operationally effective by connecting with Blue Vessel’s Suite:

  • Schedule your call with Blue Vessel to discuss the needs for your customized software

  • Ask the questions for the unique circumstance you need your database software to perform

  • Gain the insights from our programming experts how to efficiently and cost-effectively accomplish each task

  • Meet with Blue Vessel’s Coding Team and get your project started & timelines for implementation

  • Fill out the information for the preliminary demo appointment with our representatives


Begin by filling out the form fields above with the starting information and one of our representatives will call you, get you the specifics on the next steps of the process.