The Software Suite that Answers All the Company’s Needs in ONE Place

Manage your entire business, no matter the size, industry or specific requirements related to what your company does

Make the operations of your corporation as smooth and as optimally functional as it can be with your tailored-to-you Suite

Gone is the time when you had to piece together various software packages to make up for what you need it all to do overall. Also, what’s in the past for you is what was considered cost prohibitive to even contemplate in creating your own specific to your business Software Suite

You Gain with the Blue Vessel Software Suite:

1) The elimination of wasted time making one program configure with another, or patching the data from one to the other.

2) Be able to see at a moment’s notice the stats, numbers, funds that are within your personalized access to your own software.

Pay close attention to what is available for you to utilize in the nearest of futures

Integrated customer relations mgmt database
For appointments, reminders, events, etc.
For multiple locations and franchisees
Booking Sales
Sales integration for seamless processing
Action items, campaigns, touchpoints for clientele
Dispatch Routes
Multiple routes for appts to your employees
Reports Admin
Setting of individual and ongoing reports
Shopping Carts, Inventory, Shipping etc.
Proprietary operational processes
Personalized Company Software
Fully customizable for all your daily operations
Established Bug Free Code
Thoroughly-tested to streamline procedures
Optimized Functionality
Suite Solutions empowers daily customer interactions
No Down Time Pauses
Confidence in every facet of what you do
Corporate Administration
All component functions & reporting are at-the-ready
Tailored functions for separate departments in the company can be connected
Mobile Access
Connect to your company suite from nearly anywhere
HR Resources
Policies, procedures, manuals, and disbursement can be included
Can expand as your company, operations and personnel increase
Industry Specific
Can be augmented for specific requirements inherent to your profession, state regulations and business model
Multiple Purposed
Can serve as a database hub for each facet the company does despite different tasks, locations, or purpose
Onboarding Process
Integration into existing systems, methods and processes available

It’s a simple decision & so profitable for you to do!

Tired of contending with inadequate systems to do business?

The Blue Vessel Software Suite builds to make your daily operations run smoothly, and but the solutions in the palm of your hand.

  • Old methods slows up & stagnates the buying cycle

  • Wasted time for compensating for lack of automation

  • Inefficiencies in turn around times for new customers

  • Unable to move on new opportunities for lack of process

  • Unable to act on business for out-dated tools

  • The client experience (UI) is poorly orchestrated

  • Unaware of the state of your company for lack of data

  • Not achieving your desired profits like the rest


Getting much better data when you precisely design and create your system to sit your needs, optimize your earning potential and maximize your growth.


The hardworking Software Suite that you cause to be built helps you receive real-time data for timely and profit centered decisions. Raise your proficients 20%, 30%, 40% or more. Get what profits you usually left on the table!


A finely-tuned Software Suite that does EXACTLY what you need it to will make each part of your business more profitable. Find out by partnering with Blue Vessel’s Team on how cost-effective it is to get into the best applications that will help you run your business better.

Our Process:

You No Longer Have to Leave the Potential Revenue and Market Share Along the Wayside!

Capture today the additional revenue share that can be had with a fully functional operational software. Your company can not afford to pass this strategic move by. Click the button to get your Software Suite started today!