Wave your monthly transaction fees good bye!

Reclaim Your Profits with Our Specialized Credit Card Processing System

Perhaps you thought when you have swiped or inputted credit card numbers once or twice, “If I could just get some of the fees coming back my way which I pay every time to use this!”

That time is now and you can start putting those costs associated with accepting debit and credit card payments back into your pocket. Become one of the thousands of companies that have saved 100’s of thousands of dollars each year.

No matter how much you process each month you pay one small fee for your merchant processing!

Find Out How Below


Charging You a % Fee for Each Use

Antiquated Methods Are No Longer Cost Effective

The big banks and credit card companies charge your per usage percentages because the higher the volume you transact, the more for them which costs you precious and needed profits.


Assessed One Low Amount Each Month

The Flat Rate Which Doesn't Change

The sky’s the only limit you have access to our Cash Discount System. Any amount as frequently as you are able, or as little as you want. It’s just one flat monthly rate giving you at least a 20% raise right from the start!

Don’t Be Held Hostage

Credit Card Processing comes with a price to you as a business owner. In many cases, accepting credit cards is impacting your profit margins by up to 20%. There can be fees for how you use the equipment or when you use it and for how much or how little. Many company leaders believe that if they stop taking credit cards they could lose a larger percentage of those who are willing to do business with the company.

Motivated by the fear of how it all seems so complex and burdensome, business executive teams opt to pay the fees (however a high or low percentage point) and are virtually being held hostage by the big banks and credit card companies. Many have expressed to us, that’s how they feel, and if you have, you certainly are not alone.

The Good News is – There is a solution, and the solution is Cash Discount

We have brought to the business public the services of the Cash Discount technology, is known for being the best tech and integration team in the industry. They pride themselves in the ability to do what other antiquated processors can’t do with their legacy systems.

Whether you take payments in store or online, once or each month or have 5 employees or 50,000 – Our Cash Discount Program, has the solution to get the job done for you. Click the button below to get started on bringing those additional fees back to your bottom line!


At one low processing fee each month, no matter the volume that you transact or batch per month. No percentages to deal with.


From the usual suspects: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX with EMV chipped technology. No extra hoops to jump through.


It adds up when you aren’t getting nickled and dimed to death by per transaction processing fees. Put those profits back into your business the way you need to.



Presently, merchants pay a fee every time a credit card or debit card transaction is processed. With WAVit, merchants pay a low monthly fee for a limitless number of credit and debit card transactions.



Amount of Transactions Submitted


Third Party Transaction Fee


Credit Card Transaction Fees


Total Fees Charged


Total Cost of $1449.64 per month OR $17,395.80 per year


With the Program in place for your business

Amount of Transactions Submitted –


Monthly Maintenance Fee –


Licensing Fee –


Total Monthly Fees Incurred


Total Cost of $99.95 per month OR $1,199.40 per year

Total Annual Savings $16,196.40 per year

How It Works

You No Longer Absorb Those Fees & Save a Ton of $$$

Compatible with the following payment methods

Additional Services Available

This Is What Our Clients Are Saying

As an online business owner, setting up a merchant account and paying high service fees was not what I was looking to do. I want to keep as much of my profits as I can… not make another company rich from my hard work! Thanks to Blue Vessel’s Cash Discount program, I am keeping it in the company.
Laila F. - Savannah GA, Designer & CEO
Before offering Cash Discount, I was processing about $50,000 a month in volume and paying around $1,300 in fees. Now, with this program in place, I am processing the same volume and saving close to $1,200 dollars a month
Jason C. - Los Angeles CA, Smoke Shop Owner
On my website, we process over 7,500 online orders per month. The credit card fees were so out of control that it was really affecting our business and ability to grow. With Blue Vessel, what was once fees… is now profits!
Tim S. - Seattle WA, CEO of Online Store
Starting this program, I had my reservation about how my customers would respond to a cash discount program. With the guarantee that I could switch to standard processing if I was not satisfied, I took a chance.

In the first month, processing over 2,000 transactions, I only received a handful of questions from customers regarding the new program and did not see any drop in sales!

Kareem K - New York NY, Convenience Store Owner
Bringing the Cash Discount program into our medical practice has given us the ability to accept credit cards like American Express that are subject to higher fees.

Prior to this, we had to limit the types of cards we were accepting while still taking a major hit on the processing fees.

Shelly J - Stamford CT, Medical Billing Practice
I chose your Cash Discount Program because I felt that it’s easier to know down to the penny what I am paying every month. I actually see the difference in fees each month and my statements are no longer a pain.

As long as I have had this working for me, I’ve only had one complaint. To my surprise, she came back the next day and used debit again which is exactly what I was told would happen. My experience has not been far from perfect and I would recommend it to any business!.

Joel A. - Phoenix AZ, Coffee Shop Owner

Imagine if you could continue taking credit and debit cards and ELIMINATE 100% of YOUR MERCHANT TRANSACTION FEES. What if you could increase your profitability by 20%… Would you be interested?