Why Join Blue Vessel?

We at Blue Vessel are committed to the successes you can experience as a sales agent. We have gathered to provide you the right business tools and the support teams to assist you in building long-term relationships with your targeted clientele based on trust, competency, and reliability. Find your financially rewarding career here with Blue Vessel.

Ongoing Training

As you build your book of business, the continuation of innovative technology and industry-specific sales techniques can make the difference for you each time you contact a potential client. Blue Vessel is there to assist you in gaining that knowledge.

Customer Support

It goes beyond just answering a phone, when you know, no matter what the technical glitch or program problem may arise, that you can have confidence in the problem-solving competence of your Blue Vessel support staff. That makes all the difference! 

Higher Revenue Share

Because the principles of the Blue Vessel are down on the front line with all their representatives, it is known that the greatest motivator for all involved in the higher rev shares that are given. We are in business with you and we let you know that!

Existing Book of Business

Traditional Companies - Online Sales - Higher Risk Accounts

Who Can We Accommodate?

When you come to Blue Vessel, there is absolutely no need to leave (depending on previous contractual constraints) your existing book of business in the lurch. We can assess all those C-level connections and see if the change will do them, and you any benefit.

New Potential Clientele

Reliably transacting business daily for multiple industry types

Who Can We Bring 'Onboard'

No matter the industry you are familiar with we can customize a merchant system for their business. From the traditional retail and restaurant, professional and services companies – to the more virtual and online, mail order and higher risk type accounts.
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Long-lasting Business Connections

Moving business contacts higher with other resources

Beyond the Credit Card Process

Processing credit cards are very important, however, we also concentrate on getting the connections for businesses you service to grow bigger, gain more market share and achieve more profitability. Check out the other resources we are connected to.

Be a part of the team that has your back

Our premier rates, along with the optimal equipment pricing structure shows the high-level of our commitment to keeping our clients happy. Adding to those our highest quality of customer care give those we do business with the best value in credit card processing services. We guarantee to match or beat any competing rate and price as long as the offer is for the same products and terms of our original offer.

A huge cache of sales tools and support

Unlike other credit card processors, Blue Vessel doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract. We want to earn your business at every touchpoint we have with your company. Our amazing customer loyalty that our clients have is a direct result of the world-class products and services we offer. With Blue Vessel, you can cancel at any time. No long contracts. No cancellation fees. No early termination fees. Period.

Your support staff ready to take care of you

Are you currently leasing your merchant account equipment? Processors that lease their equipment expose their customers to higher costs, unexpected terms, hidden liabilities, and risk. We don’t lease our equipment. At Blue Vessel, you’ll get no run-around, just true, straight-forward business.

I want to be a part of the Blue Vessel Difference