Great Companies Need a Way to Capture Revenues

When credit card usage is estimated at 80% businesses large and small need working strategies to bring in those revenue streams. We at Blue Vessel give you the choices you need to have with all that involves credit card processing.


Because You Have Invested the Time in Your Company

We here at Blue Vessel have invested in obtaining all the options a business could have when it comes to Merchant Services. As a broker company with several payment processors available, we can get you into the right rate, the correct equipment and the processing company that best fits your type of business. There is no ‘One Size Fits All’ at Blue Vessel! We customize to your company, not the other way around.

Protecting You in the Marketplace

As technologies come up to breach financial data and cause harm, more technologies spring up to protect businesses. With the EMV capabilities a few years back and now with everyone needing to meet the PCI compliance thresholds, Blue Vessel and it’s partners are dedicated to keeping you from any leaks of customer data with sound credit card business practices. We are dedicated to empowering your business towards being a success!


Credit Card Knowledge Applied is Blue Vessel

Because we have been working with merchants for over a dozen years we have not only the ‘book’ knowledge that must come with the credit card processing industry, but we have directly applied that knowledge to businesses like yours thousands of times over the course of our being in business. Our combined experience of over 30 years means we have been around the block, even built a few in our day. We have the answers you are looking for.

Your Blue Vessel Representative

Is not only in your corner, they are an extension of your business. Just think of it, what system you use that can be as crucial as what you use to process credit cards on a daily basis? Without it, you are left incapacitated – with it only the sky’s the limit. That is why each of our trusted representatives are vetted and trained to bring you the answers, the customization options, and the customer support you need when you are running your business at such a high volume. You can rest assured that your Blue Vessel Rep has your business’s back!


We Are Dedicated to You

Nothing is truer than to say, those that we have as clients make our business successful. And we teach that to have a successful business, you must get those you want to be of service to what they want when they want it, and for as good as a deal as possible. We are committed to acting on that each day, and it shows on how many of our clients are what you call “long-term” business connections of ours. You can be one of those valued clients as well.


Making Profitable Growth Possible

Gain the right solutions your company needs when it comes to credit card processing, and having an advocate in your lexicon of professionals as your Blue Vessel Representative is for many others. Don’t hesitate to begin today!